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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life as One Long Learning Experience

All right, I'm going to say it aloud: This has been one rainy, windy, cold summer.

Again. This has been one crappy, crappy, crappy summer. We could have used some of that global warming up here this year.

I'm told it's all because we had such a mild winter, because El Nino was visiting and now he's going back to where he usually hangs out. That has Mother Nature all hormonal and we all know how PMS affects Mother Nature.

April was cold, cold enough to still be called winter. We skipped spring altogether and went right into a delightfully warm and sunny May. Then it all went downhill. Week after week of one storm after another. Cold winds, cold rains. Only brief breaks in between storm fronts.

Last night about 6 o'clock we had one of those breaks. I've been going bananas around here, bouncing off the walls, aching to get outside. I even shampooed carpets, for Pete's sakes.

I grabbed my litter-picking gear and walked south from my driveway. That darned wind had me wishing I'd brought a sweat band to keep my ears warm. At the two mile marker, I turned and headed back.

Here are some things I learned:

Raindrops on lupine

It's quite all right to stop and photograph rain drops on lupine leaves, but don't forget to take the camera setting off macro before you put it back in your pocket.


Moose crossing in Macro mode.

...it will not focus 30 yards ahead when Mom Moose and her twin babies cross the highway in front of you. Rats, rats, and double rats.


I also learned that the lighting after a storm can be spectacular....

Lighting after the storm

...that the swimming hole is filled and about to overflow...

Ye olde swimming hole. Quick, pull the drain plug or the swimming hole's gonna be all over the highway.

...that fireweed is spectacular against white sweet yarrow....

...and what to wear when you get caught out in the rain and have a fanny pack filled with yellow litter bags.

Your best-dressed litter-picker


  1. You look absolutely smashing in trash bag yellow.

    If there was a way to swap some of our hot and humid weather with yours, we'd both be perfectly content.

  2. As for your weather....welcome to my world, I've been complaining since Feb. July 20th I had to turn on the heat to take the chill off the house so I could shower in comfort, and I supposedly live in a banana belt. As for your photos and trash couture, I can't hold a candle to you. Hugs!