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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Right Place, Right Time

I tried to make a speed run into Seward yesterday afternoon to get some supplies for a project I've been working on. The thirty-mile trip took an hour and a half.

The return trip took slightly more than thirty minutes. Neither had anything at all to do with traffic.

Wondering about the disparity in travel times?

Here's why:

Above Moose Pass.

Trail Lake

Note the two rainbows in this picture. Not a double rainbow, but two.

In this shot, a yellow float plane comes in for a landing.

Another shot of the two rainbows.

And this followed and enticed me for many, many miles.


  1. I've seen more rainbows this summer than I have in the past several years combined. Beautiful photos!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! You live in an amazing place :)

  3. Unexpected joys such as this are priceless.

  4. My heart is smiling! Beautiful.