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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions, Schmezolutions

My New Year’s resolutions didn’t last through the day.  By mid-afternoon, I’d broken most of them so I ditched the rest.  It’s a holiday, after all. 

And, since Monday is a holiday, too, I probably won’t try to keep them then either.

First resolution:  Wake up earlier.

            I woke up earlier.  Yes!  I was off to a great start.  Then I fell asleep again and slept for another hour.

Second resolution:  Do something about the winter hibernation stores (fat) I accumulated this fall.

            Well, once the cream cheese has been opened, you know it won’t keep.  And why clutter up the refrigerator with a large jar containing only a little olive tapenade?  And, those soft molasses cookies that jumped into my grocery cart of their own accord taste so yummy with a mandarin orange.

Third resolution:  Do a little housework every day.

            Does boiling the turkey carcass count?  The shredded meat made such a lovely turkey salad sandwich filling.

Fourth resolution:  Walk on the treadmill every day.

            My intentions were good;  I took a nap instead.

Fifth resolution:   Go to bed earlier.
            This one I think I can keep.

One out of five isn't bad.  For a holiday.

(I'm going to post these shots of my neighbor's fireworks again just because it's the first time I've successfully been able to photograph them.  Plus, it was five below zero and I was standing outside with a thin sweater and bare hands, so enjoy them!  On fireworks mode, the shutter stays open a lo-o-o-o-ong time and I had to hold it real still.)


  1. The last fireworks photo is my favorite. It looks like a flower in the sky. This year I resolved to work on last years resolutions. Since I don't remember them, I think I'll be able to keep them, at least say I did.

  2. it's creepy when your resolutions/unresolutions are word for word the same as mine. What is it they say about "like minds"? ;D

  3. "Like minds get in a lot of trouble?"

  4. "Like minds get in a lot of trouble?"

  5. I don't think you need to change a thing, Gully. Perhaps a little tweeking here and there won't hurt any of us, but you do darn good without worrying too much about resolutions.