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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things Nature

Environmental artist and landscape designer Sandra Adams once said, “The essence of nature can be found in all things."  I think she's onto something there.

Take, for instance, this peculiar plant that I noticed for the first time a couple years ago.  I have no idea what it is, but it is suddenly prolific in this area.

I photographed it before it had fully "bloomed," or whatever it is it's doing.


Now, to illustrate Sandra Adam's point, take a look at this photo of a neighbor's fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Yesterday, I was taking pictures of the pink ribbons across the sky...


That's a half moon up there.


and a pink sunset,

I intentionally framed this photo with the icicles in it.

when I happened to glance at the bird feeder on my front deck.  It's difficult to get a crisp shot of a woodpecker through two layers of glass with film in between, and avoid the reflections in the glass.  Also because the bird rarely stopped moving.

First time ever for a woodpecker at the feeder.

It was after the layer of suet that covered this suet/seed block.


  1. What a stunning similarity between the plant and the fireworks! I love that you connected your recent fireworks photo so strikingly with one in your archives.

  2. I love he picture taken out your window framed by the icicles! Should be hanging in a art gallery.

  3. It almost .. not quite.. makes me wish I was home in Manley Hot Springs in the .. BY GOSH .. North .. stunning photos .. maybe I will keep my web sites going when I leave India .. what a world YOU opened up for me .. thanks so much ..