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Friday, January 20, 2012

Time out for Fun

I've been working too hard lately, on both a time-consuming, tedious, but ultimately rewarding  project, and in trying to keep up with the curve balls this minus 25 weather keeps throwing at me.

Now it's time for some fun.  I hope I don't regret this in the morning.

Three of a Kind isn't a Full House

There once was a ruler called Nero,
Who’s said to have played on his fiddle,
Around him Rome burned,
And duties he spurned,
Which the people considered most crim’nal.

There once was a despotic dame,
Marie Antoinette was her name,
When told there’s no bread,
 She said “cake” instead,
Now the loss of her head is her fame.

There once was man named Barack,
Whose country had run off the track.
He went on vacation
To the people’s vexation,
And shook hands with a mouse to distract.*

(This is in reference to the recent "promote tourism" trip to Disney World in Florida and the big-eared, shoe-wearing mouse of fame.)  Didn't he just get back from Hawaii? 

I know these don't exactly follow traditional limerick form.  Rhyming "Nero" with "fiddle?"  Yet, it seems to work.   And in the last one, six syllables instead of five for the two B lines?  Oh, well, fun was the intent and fun was had.

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  1. It all surely did work!! You're rocking with your limericks, girl!!!!