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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Journal, Entry Two

It's official. I recognize the symptoms. I'm reluctant to start The Book, and am thinking of all kinds of things I should do first.

Had to make a trip to Anchorage yesterday to get some needed supplies, the most important of which was RV anti-freeze for my travel trailer. I also picked up some USB flash drives so I could keep all the forth-coming chapters on them.

Plus, the weekly writing prompt at my Yahoo writer-wannabee site is to describe a character in a position of challenge, such as a woman with a broken foot finding the elevator is broken, or a man arrives at his beach house and has the wrong keys. Then we're supposed to throw in another character who screws up the situation even more, rather than assists in solving the dillemma. I thought about it all the way to Anchorage and back, which is almost a 200 mile round trip.

My story ties in nicely with The Book, so in a roundabout way, I am actually making some progress. With the writing prompt, I am experimenting with how to tell a certain part of the journey with Alzheimer's. Thus, I'm not totally blowing off The Book, but I recognize the feeling in my stomach--that sense of anxiety that tells me I don't want to revisit parts of that journey. That's the tricky part--I have to "go there" to write about it, and sometimes I am not that strong.

Plus, I keep getting distracted:

These tundra swans are only a mile from my home, at Tern Lake.

There is one important thing I have to do before I can get back into The Book. I have to clean up Katrina's Home Page, as I call my desk:

The biggest pile is the INBOX, and I know there are things in there somewhere that I have to take care of, and soon! In the background you can see the unfinished slide project. I did make a lot of progress on that, though. At least I got apples with apples and oranges with oranges, so to speak, in rearranging 2400 slides into carousels. Now I only have to put some sense of order into each carousel.

The white binders contain printed lessons from two online courses I am taking: Introduction to Vista and Introduction to Word 2007, both of which are necessary in order for me to use that snazzy little two and a half pound laptop I treated myself to last Chirstmas. I'm tired of being mad at it, so I may as well learn to use it.

This picture reminds me of one my friend Beth posted at her blog "Switched at Birth." She posted a photo showing her office, with a few books stacked on her desk. Otherwise the whole room looked nice and orderly. Her purpose in posting the photo was to show how "messy" her office was because she had to empty the bookcases behind her desk for some much needed home repair....like water leaking from the walls. Wait'll she sees what a really messy writing space looks like!

Enough of this fooling around. I have to find my desk....


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  1. I went to Katrina's Home Page today
    I had a purpose, I wouldn't sway
    Found that key that was lost in 99
    And they say with both hand I couldn't find my behind
    I know where it is, I've become a sage,
    It's somewhere under the mess at Katrina's Home Page