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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The day after the ominous phone call...

Earth mother called today to tell me the latest chapter in the Saga of JWF. As she was feeding him his milk and egg yolk last night, Edward, the stray cat that (of course) wound up living at earth mother's, jumped onto her lap and curled up. After feeding was over, earth mother lowered JWF to the cat, and the baby weasel burrowed into the cat's thick fur.

Then, wondering if Edward would clean JWF of the milk and egg yolk, she offered JWF's backside to the cat, thinking a back end would be easier to patch up than the front end in the event Edward took offense. Edward proceeded to fully bathe JWF, who was not happy and chirped throughout the bath. That's right--I wrote "chirped" as he sounds an awful lot like a bird.

Poor mixed up little thing. With what species will he identify?

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