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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An ominous phone call

Got home from litter picking this evening to find an ominous message on my phone answering machine. The call was from earth mother, who said they'd had an "episode" last night with the baby weasel they've named JWF.

Heart in mouth, I returned the call. Seems earth mother's daughter was feeding JWF when he started choking and collpased, turning very pale. Earth mother is a member of the Moose Pass volunteer rescue squad, so she started doing chest compressions on JWF, then--distraught--left him alone, fearing that he'd aspirated and was a goner, for sure.

Suddenly, he started coughing, regained his color and was ravenously hungry. He's lapping the sweetened milk from her hand. She says his ears are sticking out now, rather than being set close to the skull, and his eyes look different--like they might be getting ready to open.

So, with JWF having survived almost a week, come thoughts of the future. What to do with JWF when he starts acting like a weasel? Maybe in a month or so, he'll be able to fend for himself out here in vole land. Before that, however, I'm designated the weasel-sitter when earth mother and family go on vacation in July.

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  1. What a scare! I'm relieved that JWF recovered from his spell.

    (Speaking of coincidences as we did yesterday, the word verification for my comment today is "weesse.")

    I hope you're accomplishing all you need to in order to take your trailer and leave Moose Pass tomorrow.