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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Along the way...

After I finished the mail route today, I attempted a speed run to Anchorage, which is almost a hundred miles away. A speed run is an in-and-out, do only the essential errands, don't stop to eat, get outta town.

That part went okay, considering there's seven miles of road construction to pass through, it's Saturday evening and all of Alaska is heading for the Kenai Peninsula to go salmon and halibut fishing, and the weather was nice so the sightseers are out en masse.

Got the errands done, groceries bought, the new Windex system for cleaning outdoor windows purchased, "issues" with laptop settled, and headed out of town. That's when my best laid plans aft aglay.

About fifteen miles out of Anchorage is a place where the Dall sheep hang out. You're driving along, the incredible Turnagain Arm on your right and these sheer rock walls on your left. Then, you pull over because everyone else is, too.

Some of the rock walls. That's the two lane highway in the foreground. In the center of the photo, about a quarter of the way down from the top, is a tiny white spot. That's a Dall Sheep. A hundred yards down the highway, were these:

This is why all the cars are pulled off to the side. These two are much lower and much closer.

Dall sheep and lamb.

"They" say there's a natural salt lick in this area and that's why the sheep are here. Sometimes they are right down on the shoulder of the highway.

Ten miles farther down the road. That's salt water in the foreground, then the silt/clay bed of the arm at low tide, more salt water.

Big thunderstorm down the way at Portage. The lighting on this trip was awesome.
One mountain I've never paid much attention to was outstanding this evening, but the subtle lighting wouldn't have photographed well.

Alaska railroad train hugs the highway here, too. Odd coloring with the lens facing the sun.

With stuff like this, my speed run took six hours.

It was well worth it. Is it any wonder this is a National Scenic Byway?


  1. No. No wonder at all. Those Dall sheep are ethereal looking creatures. The rainbow was the cherry on top.

  2. You got some great close up photos of the sheep. The lamb is an extra special treat to see. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you find adventure.

    Keep going and doing, my friend.

  3. Wow, I don't ever remember seeing a rainbow there!