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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Africa Journals, Ch. 11, Mabula Game Lodge

The Africa Journals

Chapter 11
Mabula Game Lodge

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.― Jawaharlal Nehru

Lunch time at Mabula Game Lodge, so we checked into our rooms, surveyed our home for the next four days, and headed for the dining room.


The lobby.

My room was to the right of the fire extinguisher.

I was already in love with this place.  Comfort without pretense, just my style.

My room.   Loved the old skeleton key

And the buffet meals were an adventure.

One small part of the buffet.

My salad plate.  Tomato and cheese, marinated veggies, a small piece of smoked mackerel, Kudu tenderloin, and cole slaw.  I had no idea what a "kudu" was.  

From the bottom:  Gnu cottage pie, creamed spinach, pasta, and chicken. 

 So, three new experiences:  Kudu, Gnu, and Mackerel.   Two out of three ain't bad.  In fact, they were pretty good, but I'll never opt for mackerel again.   No photo of the ice cream.    It was melting quickly.

Well, come along, and I’ll show you around.   I will admit, however, that I got lost the first time I tried to find my room.   An employee led me back to where I should have gone.   So, if something should happen….    Oh, never mind.   I know the way now.

This pool is not for swimming, but ambiance.  It's right next to the outdoor cocktail bar.

And where do these steps lead?

Well, here's my first sighting of wild African animals: 

These are warthogs on the Mabula grounds.  They frequently crawl around on their front knees to graze on the lawn, or eat various fruits and seeds that fall from the trees.


And the pool for swimming.

 All right, time to meet the others at the entrance for our first safari drive.

Sam's waiting for our first safari.

Load up.  Let's go!


  1. Hummmm .. I did not see exactly what Kudu and Gnu were? I think that food-in-general looks good-to-me. But yes .. the food photos look great. The conditions are phenomenal .. the entryway .. the lobby .. your room .. the entire venue .. two swimming pools .. one for decor and ambiance and one to swim in .. awesome. Keep it up .. Cheerio .. Cap and Patti ..

    1. The Kudu was the slice of tenderloin and the Gnu was the ground meat (cottage pie) below the creamed spinach.

  2. Always enjoy your photos but fell in love with the "tree of many trunks". It's strangely beautiful!

  3. Im with Rilly--I call it a "waterfall tree"--it flows!!!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with Cap's impressions. To me this is a first class place, like you wrote, "comfort without pretense." I prefer that any day of the week.

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