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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michael the Jackson

The Lord made cats, it has been said, so that man would have the pleasure of petting the lion. For much the same reason, I think that's why the Jackson chameleon survives--so man would have the pleasure of seeing a dinosaur.

These nifty little reptiles are indigenous to Kenya, and have been introduced to Hawaii. There are several curious things about Jackson chameleons. One is that their young are born alive, rather than hatched. Another is that they have the ability to see in two directions at once, and their brain is able to keep the images straight.

Notice he is becoming lighter as he crawls through light vegetation.

The males have three horns protruding from their heads, used for fighting other males.

They catch insects with their long sticky tongues.

Where's Waldo? I mean, Michael?

While owning a real dinosaur sounds like it might be fun, Jackson chameleons don't do well in captivity. Extreme temperature and other considerations need to be met for raising in captivity.

In the meantime, Michael--with his truncated tail--will never grow to the average length of 14 inches. He whiles away his days at Bruce and Betsey's, catching insects when they come too close.

I need to find a "Michael the Jackson Crossing" sign for their driveway.


  1. And you say we have strange looking critters in Florida. Michael the Jackson is kind of cute, though, I have to admit.