"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, September 21, 2009


I was astonished to find myself in my own bed when I awoke this morning, and it took several seconds to realize that, as I lay there with my eyes closed wondering where the heck I was now. Make that "all the times I awoke this morning." I still have no idea what time zone my head is in, so the first time I woke up was around midnight, then every hour or so after that, until I finally got up at 10:30 Alaska Daylight time. I'm pampering myself--trying to sleep as much as possible to counter the effects of jet lag and this souvenir cold I exported from Russia.

Since last Thursday, which was really Thursday-and-a-half ago, I logged 19 hours of flying time to bring myself home. "Home" is exactly half-way around the globe from where I started in St. Petersburg, Russia. Almost precisely, because as close as I can determine from my globe, Moose Pass is on the same latitude and longitude as St. Pete. Well, now that can't be, can it? Anyway, the horizontal and vertical lines on the globe that pass through St. Pete also pass through the vicinity of Moose Pass. I'm too bedazzled right now to explain it any better. Just go look at a globe and see for yourself.

I did stop over in the San Francisco area for a couple days to visit relatives and give my airplane-seat-tired butt a chance to recover, which explains why it took so many days for me to find my own bed.

Now I have 1580 photos to go through, a stack of mail six inches high, and stories to tell. It might take a few days for those stories to jell, so in the meantime I'll leave you with some teaser photos. Also in the mix is the eye-popping Alaskan autumn with its golds, ambers, rust, burgundies and maroons to distract me from the things I should be doing.

As usual, I remind you that clicking on the photos will (or should) enlarge them to full screen. I recommend that. I really, really recommend that.

Later on, I might even try to identify these photos for you. Right now I am absolutely certain of only one thing--it's time for a nap.


  1. "Teasers" is right. I'm on the edge of my chair, awaiting more of your words and photos.

    Do take care of yourself and your cold, my friend.

  2. I've been looking at the full-screen photos. Wow. What is the building with the fountains and gold statues? The old carved wood doors and also the fence with a face are really something. The one (a church?) with the minarets (where one looks like it may be undergoing some repairs) is a show-stopper. And I love the photo with the matryoshka dolls and the bit of crocheted lace hanging down.