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Monday, September 28, 2009

I Heard It on the Grapevine

Actually, I heard it on the radio news today. The Sarah (as in Palin) has completed her memoirs in only four months since the announcement of her book contract. The publisher now says he can move up the release date.

Four short months to write your complete memoirs!

Well, golly gee. Even a dummy knows it doesn't take long to raise a pail of water from a shallow well.


  1. Perhaps she's Wonder Woman. I'd like to read it before I comment. She's young compared to you and me, with less years to write about.

    I'm sure her purpose for writing her memoirs requires a speedy delivery.

    She may not be highly qualified to be a great leader but I think she has admirable qualities.

  2. I think 'memoirette' would be more appropriate.

    As usual she exaggerates her own importance...

  3. With all the $$$ involved in this deal, I'm sure she had LOTSA help! :)