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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Avian Ablutions

Gerri the cat was on the front deck with me the other day. I was taking pictures of the sea ducks down below. Gerrri was watching carefully.

I don't have my bird book here in Halibut Cove, so I'm not going to guess at what kind of ducks these are, but a number of them were bathing Sunday afternoon.

Then came the standing up and shaking off the water.

Here's a common loon at Tern Lake last summer....

...and here he is getting all wet.

Same with a trumpeter swan....

...batheing in the lake.

Those were the birds that like to take baths.
Here's one who would rather dip his head in his water dish and let it run over him. I simplify the process by putting him in the kitchen sink and gently spraying him.

He isn't at all pleased with the process, but he does like the outcome.

Talk about a bad hair day!


  1. Pussy cats to parrots, I love these little side trips....

  2. Don't rush to judgement, my friend. With a little time for drying and preening, I'm sure Pablo became dashing and even debonair. Nobody looks their best right out of the shower.