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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Russian Journals, Part Ten: Never work on your blog when you're hungry...

Soups and Salads

The soups and salads served aboard the MS Nikolay Chernyshevsky on our recent trip to Russia.

Pickled fish and cucumbers, served with a shot of clear vodka at the vodka tasting event.

Carrot, cucumber, tomato and corn salad.

Cabbage, onion, beets, with feta, parmesan, and walnuts.

Wonderful borscht with sour cream.

Tuna, carrot, cucumber, tomato with wedge of hard boiled egg.

Surimi (faux seafood), cucumber, corn, Napa cabbage, and cauliflower.

Dining room sideboard with plated salads.

Potato salad.

My favorite: hard boiled egg topped with slice of tomato, radish, corn, cucumber, all presented to resemble the beautiful but poisonous amanita mushroom.


I think this was a potato salad wrapped with eggplant slices, tomato and, cucumber, and pomegranate seeds.

Our last evening's salad: lox and red caviar.

The table setting that last night.

More of the cabbage, onion, beet salad.

Shredded carrots in aspic.


  1. Every salad presentation is beautifully done. Amazing to look at and delectable to the tastebuds, I suspect.

  2. You know, of course, that I love pictures of food. What amazes me is that I've read about "food stylists" and the huge ordeal magazines go through to airbrush, pose, and glue-spray food to get it just right. Your Russian trip food photos sparkle, as is (as are?)