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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Self-Flagellation and Impossible Dreams

See the nifty little cotton bag below? I found it last summer while picking up litter along the highway near the Hope cut-off road. Took it home and washed it, then set it aside because I knew I'd find a use for it some day.

"Some day" arrived last week when I was packing for my two-week stay in Halibut Cove. Inside that bag is my project for this session. Looks rather un-intimidating, doesn't it? I mean, how much work can lurk in an old Kona coffee bag?

This is how much work can lurk. (Sorry, had to repeat that "work can lurk." Love alliteration.) See all the thumb drives and photo flash cards? I want to know exactly what's on each of them so I can delete duplicates, impose some order, and free some for future use, otherwise in a few months there will be twice as many.

Eleven flash cards, plus two in the cameras, and twenty-four thumb drives. Is that excessive, or what?

Problem number one: how to record what's on the thumb drives without having to hand write a list of every file on each drive.

Solution number one: e-mail nephew Jason.

Jason responded: If you are comfortable in DOS.....
Yeah, like that's EVEN a possibility! Yuk, yuk, yuk!
Then he provided a link to some free software, and Voila: Somewhat-instant lists of files , complete with dates they were last updated, that I could print. Is that cool, or what? Thank God for nephews!

So, armed with lists of files on each drive, I have my task ahead of me.
Problem number two:

Just how can I expect to get any work done with this right out the front window?


  1. You owe that nephew of yours big time. How relieved you must be! So relieved I hope you're staring out the window, savoring the time your nephew saved you with his invaluable tip.

  2. In that context, how do you get any work done anywhere in Alaska?

  3. Oh, wow. Where is Halibut Cove anyway?

    Would screen shots of your File Manager window work?

  4. Sorry... A screen shot is when you have your file manager or Explorer or whatever it is you call it, open on the screen listing the file names. You hit the "Print Screen" aka "PRTSC" button on your keyboard and it captures what you see on the screen as a .jpeg. You can then open Word or PhotoShop or even the basic MS Paint and paste your image into whatever format is most convenient for you to print.

  5. Yikes, Toadmama! Too many moving parts for this geriatric. I might try it when I get home to the PC, though.

  6. As to work -- with that view, maybe not. But inspiration, now, that's a whole 'nother thing.

    By the way, I've been a little nerdy tonight, too, & have finally figured out what the heck "Networked Blogs" is on Facebook. That's how I accessed you rather than my usual way through my blogroll. It's pretty cool. It was very confusing, but I broke the code. Woohoo! I'm going to celebrate by going to sleep!

  7. Mountain views or mountain-cove views, decisions, decisions....