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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome Home

Sometimes the best thing about traveling is returning home.

Home. Your own bed. All your familiar surroundings. Your favorite chair for reading or watching television. Your own desk and computer. Easy access to your e-mail address book.

You own kitchen. Your familiar foods. Familiar views out the windows. Familiar books on the shelves.

The place you call home. The place where you belong. Your own precious spot on this huge earth.

It's especially nice if someone who loves you is there to greet you. Someone who cares enough to have noticed your absence.

Someone who tells you what your absence meant to him, and how he feels about your return...

Someone who greets you with open arms (wings) and says.....

Come closer......I dare you!

(Sigh) Home, screech, home.

1 comment:

  1. If he acted differently, you'd be worried that he was ill.

    Even tough old birds are lovable if and when they catch you off guard. I hope he shows that side of himself soon.