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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Russia Journals, Part Ten: More of Why You Should Not Work on Your Blog When You're Hungry

Here are more pictures of the meals served to us on the MS Nikolay Chernyshevsky. All were exquisitely presented and delicious. I'm hurrying through this part to get back to Kizhi Island, and I'm really in a hurry because I leave in two days for Halibut Cove to house-sit for friends. It isn't like I have anything else to do, or anything....

Note the shape of the aluminum foil for this baked chicken dish. Looks like a chicken, doesn't it?

And inside....chicken and rice.

I didn't have this. It was some kind of baked potato gratine' with....maybe fish? Don't recall.

This I had. "Beef in the style of the pots," read the menu.

Ground meat baked between two layers of mashed potatoes with a wonderful sauce.

Cabbage rolls.

Chicken Kiev, rice.

Fried, battered fish. This was a luncheon plate.

I have no recollection of what this was. It was so good I'm lucky I remembered to take a picture of it.

Oh, of course. This was a hamburger! Not as we know hamburgers, though.

Pasta with sauce.


One of my typical breakfasts from the buffet. There was everything you could think of, hot and cold. And some you never dreamed of. This is bacon, scrambled eggs, grapefruit and a piece of bread.

On the days they didn't have scrambled eggs, I had two hot hard boiled ones, with sausage (those weiners), and grapefruit.

The bread and pastry table at the breakfast buffet.

Pastry at the tea tasting party.

Something Special:

An absolutely luscious shot of cranberry vodka. I wonder if this really was vodka, because I had five shots of it in a couple hours and never felt a thing. And, trust me, people, I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

Oh, my. Here comes Andrew with the cranberry vodka again....

A couple in our group ordered this one evening. It's the colors of the Russian flag.

Oh, Dear. The DESSERTS:

A banana sliced lengthwise with cream and chocolate and walnuts.

A 59th anniversary cake bake for a celebrating couple.

Chocolate ice cream on meringue.

Vanilla ice cream on pineapple.

Kiwi and tangerine slices.

More ice cream, with a chocolate cookie.

Kiwi mousse.

And, a grand parade through the dining room by the whole staff. The chef is carrying baked Alaska.

Baked Alaska.

That's it. We're done with food. Back to Kizhi Island tomorrow ...and the refrigerator tonight..


  1. Isn't it absolutely amazing that meals like this are served on cruise boats. The planning, ordering, transferring, storage, preparation, and serving of all these meals is a monumental accomplishment.

    It appears that none of the meals are more than the average person can and should eat. I'm pleased to see that the portions appear quite sensible.

    You must have felt like a queen when you were served these dishes? I'm reminded of my stay at the Grand Balsam's Resort in New Hampshire last fall with my friend, Lynn.

    You're doing a fine job of sharing your trip. It's too bad it's so time consuming.