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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Curse of the Crows

My recent post "Sturm und Drang in the Cove" is hexed. I am as sure of it as I am of what hexed it, put a black spell on it, embedded it with tricks of the cyber-type.

When I first posted it, the photos refused to enlarge when clicked upon. Six times I uploaded them, six times they stayed the same size. I tried everything I could think of: uploaded from a folder, from a Picassaed folder, from the flash drive itself, one at a time, five at a time. Occasionally one would work. Then, last night, I erased the whole thing and started over.

This time I did something different. Instead of writing the text directly into Blogger Upload window, I copied the text from a Word document, the way I usually do. By midnight I was almost finished with the little details--like deleting the extra spaces between text and photos that happens when uploading pix.

Finally, finally, I hit "publish post." Nothing happened. The foggy, rainy weather had caused my satellite connection to fail. All that work was lost.

Today I tried again. I clicked on "publish post." Then I clicked on the first photo. It refused to enlarge to full screen. The second enlarged. The third took me directly to the Elder Storytelling Place. The fourth eliminated the post altogether.

I give up. I no longer care if the photos enlarge or not, but without that capability, much of the effect is lost because you can't see the wretched creatures of the otherworld flying or perched in the trees and bushes. Just take my word for it: they're out there.

And, they've hexed that post.

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  1. I recognize that evil black gang member from your previous post. You've managed to increase his size and evil eye to an incredible point.

    Enough already, I've seen all I want to see of his countenance. I'll be having nightmares at it is.

    Regarding your computer problems. Ugh! I've been there and done that. Moments like you've had recently have tried my soul as well. Hours of work can vanish without a trace.

    But, somehow, we pick ourselves up from our tantrums and do it all over again.